Welcome to the 3D Search tool.
The tool performs 3D Content-based Search and Retrieval of similar VRML objects (in terms of shape similarity). The method used is based on the Generalized Radon Transforms.

In order to perform a search you should choose a database (located on the left side of your browser). The available choices are: a) The Informatics & Telematics Institute Database - ITI DB, b) The Princeton Benchmark - Test Database and c) The Utrecht Database.

By expanding a selected database you are able to choose a model from the available categories. After clicking an object, the retrieved results are shown with descending similarity order. You can use one of the retrieved objects as a new query or see it in a VRML viewer.

For further details please contact:

 Dr. Dimitrios Tzovaras
 Mr. Petros Daras

Informatics & Telematics Institute
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